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outdoor flag; canopy tent; outdoor display; trade show display

Flags & Tents

Flag banner can increase visibility and exposure for your business in an outdoor environment. In comparison with other type of banner stand, i.e. roll-up banner, these flag banner feature a narrow design and are created with reinforced areas of material surrounding the outer edges. Flag banners tend to last longer and can withstand wind and mild weather conditions. It is available in single-sided or double-sided printing. Flag banners normally come with a ground base or stake to place on the pavement or into the soil. To further reinforce the stability, there are options to add a water bag or a foldable base that can be
filled with water. Lightweight materials and innovative portable design provide you a hassle-free transport experience. The majority of these blade flag are displayed on poles, storefronts, as well as any other location that be utilized to promote a specific business or product.

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